Sunday, August 7, 2016

We Can - August 1, 2016

Hola Todos! Well this week was one of the greatest weeks of learning that I have had in the mission and it is one where it made me thankful for all of the difficulties that we have had for the past 2 weeks. It is so amazing to think that we have a Father in Heaven that is willing to watch us go through what we do only so we can be happier and learn so much more. This is what happened with us this past week. At the start of the week we continued to struggle just to find lessons and to have the investegators progress and learn. We were literally doing all that we could to help everyone and it felt like we were climbing up a cliff and hanging on by our fingertips just to keep going. I had the chance on Tuesday to teach in our district meeting and it taught me a lot of things about how I could continue to improve and grow as a missionary and how I could connect myself with the powers of heaven as it talks about in D & C 121:45-46. We continued throughout the week trying to apply the principles of love and charity to all even though we experienced a lot of rejection or others not really putting the effort in to learn even though we were giving everything. On Friday we went to Huajuapan to do a baptism interview and as we were traveling I had a lot of feelings of jealousy for the Elders that were having their baptism. I got home that night feeling down and I began to pray. I dont know how long I was on my knees but I recieved a prompting that simply told me "Stop saying we cant" I realized that it had become a regular part of our vocabulary and that I needed to change everything to We Can. I starting thinking and pondering and reading in the scriptures and it dawned on me that everytime as missionaries that we say "We", we arent reffering to just you and your companion, it is referring to your companion and the Savior himself. Nothing is impossible for him and we changed that on Saturday. On Saturday we went into the day and we didnt have one single lesson fall through. When we got there each investegator had a spiritual soul searching question for us that they wanted us to answer. We testified of everything that is in Preach my Gospel, and we applied the gospel to each of their lives to the effect that I felt the spirit with us each step of the way. We dont remember what we said all we know that the presence of the spirit was there and that the investegators were listing to the words of Christ in those lessons. It was a day that changed my mission around for me to remember that each We" is the Savior and I. I know that he is with us in this work.
This week we moved to a different house that is a lot bigger with peach trees and we put Christmas lights up on it because we found a plug for them ;)
The "tamale" that the kids made for us
Farms in Nochixtlan

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