Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Start to Another Change - November 5, 2016

Hello Everyone! Well this week was a week of changes and we were working hard to make sure that everyone was where they needed to be. Elder Caballero has been awesome to work with this week and we have been able to squeeze a few lessons in to everything that we have been doing. So the week started out with all of the new missionaries coming here. There were 13 this change and that day we trained them about all the mission rules and expectations. On Tuesday we got them all to their areas and got everyone settled in. Then it was just a huge day of updating all the computer systems and planning for this change. From the planning session that we had with President we are going to be super busy with everything for this change. On Thursday we had a training again with the new missionaries and their trainers helping them to know how to train and learn everything that they can. This group that just came down is one of the best groups that we have received in a long time, they are all really excited to be able to get out and work. It was an awesome training with them. On Friday we had an awesome meeting with President Madsen and all of the Zone/District leaders in the city. It was such an inspired meeting that we were able to have. We talked about how the Savior in all of his leadership that he did never once does it mention all of the administrative stuff that there might have been when he established his church. All that is written and remembered is when he ministered to people. We learned this difference, to administer and minister as leaders and it helped me so much to realize that the purpose of ministering is to help others to feel the spirit in their work and remember their purpose as missionaries. With all of the goals that have been set here in the mission it is something that will help us to be able to meet those requirements and be able to feel the spirit while we are doing so. As for the update on our area, we continue to have our investigators progress and grow in the gospel. Although we didn't get to see them as much in each of the lessons we have had so far this week each investigator has asked when they can be baptized and what more they need to do to prepare for it. That for sure was a huge highlight. Each time we got to work in our area it was hard to find very many people to teach because everyone was out in their fiestas for the Day of the Dead. But something that I have learned in these past few weeks is that this is a work of happiness and joy. The happiest missionaries are the ones that realize what blessings they have and how the Lord continues to bless them. Especially this time of year it has helped me to see the hand of the Lord in all that we do. One of our investigators Angel has been working towards being baptized. This week when we talked with him and his mom (who is a less active) Angel said that he wanted to be baptized after the lesson we had about the Grades of Glory. Angel said that he wanted to be able to enter in the Celestial Kingdom and that he understood that he needed to be baptized for that. Then we asked him what is keeping him from doing that and he said his mom. That seemed like it was the dagger to her heart to understand that she was keeping her son from Salvation. She said she would do all that she could to support her son in being baptized and so we are hoping that she gets reactivated in the church and can support Angel. Although it was few times we got to teach this week, the Lord was with us in each occasion and we know that this is his work. This week we will be traveling to Juchitan and Huatulco again so I am hoping to see a lot of the members and converts again. This is the greatest joy on Earth, to be able to share the gospel with other people and see them receive the same fullness of joy.
Eating at the Pasillo de Carne (Walkway of Meat) Basically there is hanging all kinds of meat, you pick it, they grill it and bring it to you. Then while you are walking to your table you pick what sauce and veggies you want with it. It was pretty cool.
Day of the Dead Parade

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