Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hey Everyone! Wow well that flew by extremely fast for me this first transfer. Yeah it was quite possibly the hardest experience of my life and there were times that I felt alone and not able to talk to anyone because of the language barrier but Heavenly Father was always there for me no matter what level of faith I had. It is truly a blessing to have a Father in Heaven who will help you no matter what. Anyways here are some of the numbers and statistics for this first transfer. 300-Miles I have put on my shoes the past 6 weeks 50-Average number of tortillas I eat each week 4-Average number of firework shows each night You are probably all wondering about the religious statistics so Ill get to that now. Unfortunatly all of our baptism dates fell through this week. David is in a tough situation where his father has different ideas about the church. We have been teaching him over the phone the past week and he has been putting analysis of his favorite scriptures in our mail box each night when his Dad will let him out of the house. I pray and I know the Lord will find a way for him. The kids on the Street corner have been progressing very rapidly with the teachings. The parents are encouraging us to teach them so they will stay out of drugs and alchol here. The kids all love the teachings and it has been fun to come up with creative ideas for teaching them the principles of the góspel along with helping them to feel the spirit. We have found many more people to teach. One is Guadalupe, a man who has had a rough life in the past and has the strongest desire to change. He has asked for all the sunday school manuals to learn from and has been Reading those. His wife Lorenza is a member but hasnt been to church for years. Her mom died the day I left the MTC and in the funeral she had a feeling that she needed to return to church but she didnt know how to do so. We knocked on their door a week ago and they have been to every meeting and have been studying the book of Mormon religiously. They are honestly the nicest people I have ever met. Other that it continues to get hotter each and every day. Today I think it has been 95 degrees with humidity. I am still with Elder Lee and together we are working towards helping this área improve. We recieved an awesome comment from a sister in the Ward this week, she said that we have resurrected the spirit in the Ward and she knows the meaning of the church once again because of us. I have a challenge for all of you. Please go read Romans 1:16 and share your testimony with someone you feel needs it. I promise you that it will bring the happiest moment of your week for the both of you if you do and that person needs it just as much as you do. Thank you for all of your love and support! Elder Peterson --

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