Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Hello Everyone! Well this week was awesome because we had our first baptisms!! David and Tomas were both baptized this past Saturday and it was an awesome experience. At first we were getting scared because David showed up at 5:30 to get ready to start at 6, Tomas showed up at 7:30. We were calling him and trying to figure out where he was and started to think that he wasnt going to come to his baptism. But eventually he came and it was as spiritual as ever. I had the chance to baptize Tomas and was studying the Baptism prayer in Spanish for an hour the night before. The hardest part was the names because people here have 4 names that are very long and hard to remember. At the first of the week we didnt think we would be able to baptize David because he was having a hard time remembering all the things we were teaching him. We were ready to push it back a week or 2. Then Elder Lee decided that we needed to fast for David to remember everything. We fasted and David remembered everything for his interview! What is better is yesterday in Sacrament meeting David bore his testimony for the first time and gave testimony perfectly of everything that we had taught him and worked for weeks to help him remember. Ultimatly it was the Lord that helped him through the Holy Ghost. Tomas is more gruff and was a former Pastor in his church. He used to smoke and the first day we met him he all of a sudden decided to stop smoking. He didnt know why and had no clue about the Word of Wisdom. And here we are with him 6 weeks later. Both stated that it was the best feeling for both of them these past two days and to feel of the true love of God and Christ in its fullest extent for the first time in their lives. It gives us more desire to find more people to share these things with. It makes all the challenges worth it to have the experience to share this much happiness with these people. We have found 2 new people, Karen and Julio. Karen has started to attend seminary and has made friends with all the young women and we are looking forward to being able to baptize her in 2 weeks. She is super excited as well for this and cant wait to be a part of this group of girls. Other than this it has rained each day this week hard! The best thing that I have eaten is the peach cobbler that we tried to teach a Sister in the ward how to make. We didnt have measuring cups so we were eyeballing it. It tasted good but didnt look so good. Other than that it is chicken and tortillas almost every day! Its great here, this is where I need to be and I will eat almost anything to be able to share the experience of happiness with these people. They are the best and I love them. Thank you for your love and support!

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