Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hello Everyone! Well like I said before, another week has come and gone and here we are again at the start of a new week. The weeks continue to get better and better and it is difficult to explain why. No we may not be baptizing every week and teaching more and more people, but the levels of happiness and gratitude for this opportunity continue to grow and rise. At the beginning of the week we had very few people to teach and we started to try to find ways to invite people to listen to us. We contacted and knocked and did everything we could but had a very hard time trying to find people. We decided to put on a program called The Life of Christ, a program that Elder Lee did for his mutual. We have been inviting people and getting the ward council involved with us and look forward to doing it this week. In fact it has gotten so big that the whole stake is going to be a part of it and we cant wait to see the growth that it is going to bring to the work of our whole zone. One of the bittersweet experiences of the week, we were teaching a new investegator, Belelense, when her neighbor walked up and started talking to us in English. She is from Texas with a deep accent and her husband is Oaxacan. Anyways WE COULD NOT SPEAK IN ENGLISH NO MATTER HOW HARD WE TRIED. It is the weirdest experience ever to think that I have fully converted to Spanish being my number 1 choice of language right now. Its more of a sweet experience but again it was extremely wierd to have this happen. Other than that we have found many more people to begin teaching this week and look forward to finding many more. We have also been happy to have our convert David accompany us to every lesson this week. He doesnt really know how to bear his testimony quite yet and we have had to stop him a few times from giving away pamphlets about different topics to our investegators. (For Example after we taught Karen the Restoration he tried to give her the Law of Chastity pamphlet) But he is awesome and always happy to teach with us. Other than that that has been our week this week. It was greater than ever, happier than ever, and the spirit was strong. I know that God is with us no matter what our trials may be, if we are focused in following his son we will have nothing to worry about with the trials before us. I know this to be true. Thank you for all of your support! Elder Peterson --

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