Monday, January 18, 2016

Fe en Cada Paso (Faith in Every Footstep) - January 18, 2016

Hello Everyone! Wow this week was incredible and with each week it almost feels like the spirit of the mission is renewed and you feel like a new missionary again. Well to start out we were able to do splits this week and I had the opportunity to teach with Elder Echiverria from Ecuador. I learned a lot from him in how we can teach with humility and with a love for the people. We were able to work like crazy and we found 10 people to teach that day! It was so awesome and I was dead tired that night that I didnt even have time to find my blanket to sleep with! Anyways the week went on and on Friday we had a program practice for the missionary program that we are going to do with President Madsen. I was practicing my part and talking to some other missionaries when President Madsen walked up to me. He said "Elder Peterson how are you? I was just wondering if you would like a tag along tonight in your lessons?" I thought that he was talking about having one of his assistants come with us and so I told him Yes of course! Then he said "Perfect I will be in front of your house to teach with you guys tonight at 6 see you then!" And then he walked away! We had the chance to teach with President Madsen that night and it was so awesome to see the way that he taught as well, so boldly yet with a clarity that any child could understand. I was so happy to be able to have the chance to teach with him and so humbled that he would chose our area to see how the work is going in the mission. The next day we were able to have the baptism for Karen! She was super excited to finally be an official member of the Young Womens! The spirit was so strong for her there and it was so awesome to see all the young women come together to support her and to see the strength that she gave to them as well. We finished that night and that same night we started getting Floricelli ready for her baptism tomorrow. Both of these girls have had the goal to go to the temple in 2 weeks. It is so humbling to see the sacrifices that all of these people are making to go to the temple. In ward council yesterday the subject wasnt what people needed help or who we could visit, it was what the youth could sell and make to be able to pay for their 5 hour trip to the temple. It is inspiring to watch the youth make tamales and get on their bikes and go sell them in the streets. It is a testimony to me of just how important temple work is and the spirit the temple can bring if we can do all that we can to be able to go. Each week continues to get better and better. In the baptism Saturday we had another miracle come to us. Im not sure how many of you remember Moises, the friend of Floricelli. He moved a few months ago and we werent able to teach him anymore. Well we got to the baptism Saturday and there was Moises sitting in the seats with a group of Young Men. He told us that he moved back into the ward and that he felt like he needed to ask Floricelli how she was doing. Floricelli invited him to everything and he is super excited to follow in Floricellis footsteps in 3 weeks with his own baptism. I am so humbled at how many blessings we are seeing each and every day. I know that it is because the Lord has a special group of people here in this ward that needs it and I am so blessed to be able to be his instrument to help them to find those blessings where they are. Thank you for all of your support and love!
Karen's baptism

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