Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prestos Todos Prestos - January 11, 2016

Hello Everyone! I know that every letter starts out this way but it is so true that in the mission field every week is filled with miracles. You get to a point here that you can see the hand of the Lord in every single little thing that you do, after that there is a desire to want it even more. As some of you know, last week I came down with a really bad fever on New Years day. It was the hardest day of the mission. Every single person was sleeping through the day and we only found 2 people to teach the whole entire day. That night we were fortunate enough to find our area "Grandparents" that have been in the church for years. We stopped by there house and Brother SantibaƱez gave me a blessing. The next day I woke up weak but I didnt have the fever anymore. We headed out to work that day as well but still couldnt find hardly anyone to teach. We worked hard but with very little return up until Thursday. I was so frustrated that I was trying to push so hard and that my companion was pushing right along with me and we werent finding the success that we had usually had here in the area. On Thursday we finally recieved the conference edition of the Liahona. On the back there was the Memoriam for Elder Scott, and they had a quote printed by him that said "God did not send us here to fail, but to succeed Gloriously." It was just what I needed for that time. I went into the bedroom that morning and told Heavenly Father I would do anything for him that I needed to for this area. The answer didnt come right then and we started our studies for the day. That day we had our weekly planning session and the overwhelming feeling came over me to prepare with all our heart might and strength 4 people for baptism, Karen, Floricelli, Luis, and Diego. For an hour in our weekly planning session we set plans for each one in what we were going to do day by day with each person. That day we went and met with Luis Ruiz to begin our plan with him. He is our investegator who has a crazy fear of water. He has been in the font 3 times and was never baptized. We told him about what we felt inspired to do with him. We taught a powerful lesson with his mom and him there, afterwards we asked if he would accept, he told then for the first time his mom began to encourage him and say yes you can I believe in you and I want you to be in our eternal family. He then accepted and said that he would do all that he could as long as we pushed him along with his mom. The same happened with Floricelli, we stopped by that night and she told us straight up that she didnt want to be baptized and that we shouldnt stop by anymore to talk to her. We said alright and see you later and headed out because this has happened many times in the past few months. We had a ward mutual activity this week and brought a few investegators to that. When we got there we were surprised to see Floricelli there. She was afraid to talk to us but she made a bunch of new friends and she was with them there. The next day we had church and we got there to see Floricelli waititng there in the chapel with the Young Womens leader. In the ward council that day we talked about Floricelli. She had found out about the temple trip On January 30 and said that she wanted more than anything to be able to enter the temple and that she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible to be able to go and be worthy for this. We got to visit with her that afternoon and we are going to baptize her in 1 week, with Karen (finally) this Saturday. It was a testament that the Lord really does send us to succeed Gloriously. I cant wait to write you all about the end to each of these miracles. Thank you all for all of your love and support! Elder Peterson
The Cheescake that I got in a Christmas package, it was soooo yummy!
Our Security Guard in front of our house.

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