Sunday, March 6, 2016

95 Degrees and Getting Hotter! - February 29, 2016

Hello Everyone! Well it has been another really hot week here in Hualtuco. I have never been in a place hotter than this and I have never had a hotter February in my life but hey, it is awesome here and I am loving it. Today we played a basketball game against the Jehovas Witness missionaries and they were friendly with us. Elder DeWolf who is the senior missionary here set it up and it is something that the missionaries here have been doing for weeks. But it was so fun to play again and we won! This week was a great week that flew by, I was finally able to get used to everything here and to be able to meet most of the members of the ward, and guess how I did it? Through the ward choir! So last week I forgot to mention how this all happened. The first day that we were here we had lunch with the Branch President, and the first thing that he asked me was if I played the piano. I told him I did and he said "Great you have choir practice tonight at 7" and so we had been practicing a ton for the choir. But something that was also awesome was that we found out that one of the Sister Missionaries in the Branch was able to play the Violin and so she played that while I accompanied on the piano and it was just like old times with my sisters. Yesterday we were able to have Branch conference with everyone and the choir sounded awesome and really brought the spirit into the meeting. It was also really special because we had 4 of our investegators in church that were looking for an answer to their prayers and they all said that they could feel the spirit through all of the music. We have two brothers that we are teaching right now that were there as well yesterday. The Branch mission leader spoke in sacrament meeting about the missionary work and when we stopped by the brothers house that night he wanted to learn more about the missionary service and said that he wanted to serve a mission as well. Our ward mission leader is awesome, he is a convert of 1 year and is 17 years old. His family has opposed his work in the church and his parents hardly give him permission to do anything for the church, but every time he expresses his feelings to serve a mission he starts to cry and you can feel the spirit and desire so strongly in that. Anyways this is a little of what happened this week in beautiful Hualtuco, thank you for all of your letters and support and have a great week! Elder Peterson
The Madsens, DeWolfs, Sister Training Leaders and Us yesterday in Branch Conference Huatulco branch choir
Branch choir practice - I played the piano and Sister Muñoz the violin.
The famous Huatulco Letters
Teaching them while they are young

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