Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Think I am in California - February 22, 2016

Hello Everyone! Well I know that some of you didn't get any emails from me last week and I am so sorry for that. Apparently the system was down on Monday and so I promise I wasn't trying to ignore any of you. Anyways so if you didn't hear, I am now in Hualtuco and it is a huge tourist town, wayyyyy different from Juchitan. There are a ton of tourists from Canada and it has been really weird to talk to people about the gospel in Spanish and English for the first time in my mission. Anyways here everything is green and gorgeous.We have a member friend named Fredy that works in one of the 5 star resorts here as a photographer. When I got here he took us out to dinner and showed us the best restauants. We have gone to dinner with him 3 times this week at different restaurants. He is a returned missionary that always helps us to feel happy. This week the best food was Argentine food, a platter of argentine meats that I will attach. The streets are all lined with palm trees and green lawns, there are 2 or 3 Five star resorts here and I cant believe that after Juchitan that this can be in the same state in Mexico. But the people here are amazing just like they were in Juchitan. It was a hard adjustment to leave all of my best friends behind and at times I was homesick for Juchitan. But Elder Valadez is awesome, it feels like I am in my second training with him. He only has 6 weeks left of his mission but he is teaching me so much in how I can become a better missionary. This week we were able to find a ton of new investegators through contacting a lot of houses above the city. The thing that is hard here is that there are a ton of hills that we have to climb and oftentimes they are steep rugged dirt trails. But we have a lot of investegators that we are teaching right now trying to get them ready for baptism. We met a girl named Mirium this last week that we were able to teach. She has had a lot of things happen in her life and her mom has a really short temper all the time. When we talked to her this last week her mom had kicked her out of the house because she was late for buying some things for dinner. She had to go find a friend to live with for the weekend until she could go back and she had hit the end of her rope. We were able to talk to her about why there are trials in this life and how we can always turn to God when we need him, that we will always no matter what happens have a perfect Father in Heaven. Sometimes there are people that have parents die, or others that have no love from their parents, we have met them all and it is so amazing to be able to testify that we always have a perfect father in Heaven. It makes walking through the 95 degree weather all the better to be able to testify always of our perfect family that each one of us has, with a perfect brother Jesus Christ. There isn't too much to write about this week but I look forward to hearing from you all next week and being able to share more with all of you! Thank you all for the letters and support!
This is the famous Freddy with me and my Companion
Another picture of Me and Elder Valadez

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