Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hallelujah - March 28, 2016

Hello Everyone! Wow it has been a crazy week here with all of the tourists that have come in. Yesterday in church I actually got to teach an English sunday school to all of the American tourists that came in and it was really wierd to teach in English again and harder than teaching in spanish for sure but it was so awesome as well. The time just keeps on flying. This next week Elder Valadez will be going back home and it has been so awesome to see how hard he has worked up until the end. I will miss him for sure and he has taught me a ton and given me so much on how to improve. Anyways it has been awesome this week to see how the Lord prepares people for us. We were walking in the street this week and there was a guy with a big long ponytail and dirty clothes walking down the road. We said hi to him and kept walking. But then he gave us one of the friendliest greetings we have heard. We felt like we should talk to him and we went back and he told us that he was feeling awesome in his life but that he was missing something in his life and he knew it was something spiritual. We set a date with him and are waiting for the chance to go back and teach him. Saturday President Madsen came and taught with us again. It was awesome to see the way he interacted with everyone we taught and to see his example for teaching. Something that is great that happened this week is that the District is having their district conference in a few weeks. They asked me to arrange their hymns for the choir and we are going to be doing 10 hymns for them. They are super excited to have a piano player for their choir this year. The weather keeps on getting hotter and more humid. It is sapping all the energy that we have but it is so awesome to be able to keep working like that. Anyways the work keeps on going forward and even though times get tough they are the times to be able to learn and grow to be stronger in the Lords hands for what he has in store for us in the future. Our weakness and trials are the ways for the Lord to have success and strengths in his work here on the Earth. I am so thankful for this opportunity to be an instrument in his hands no matter what I have to go through. The hardest of times allow for the greatest success. Thank you all for your great support and remember that Jesus Christ lives and loves us perfectly. Have a great Conference weekend!

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