Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fruits of our Labor - June 13, 2016

Hello Everyone!! This week I was able to have the greatest experience here in my time in Huatulco and all the events leading up to it. This week we had the baptism of Omar and Andres who had been listening to us for 4 months now. We were definatly able to see the hand of the Lord in this work and to see their true conversion in these past few days. Omar who is 14 years old had been listening before I got here. When I got here we talked about dropping him because he wasnt progressing. We kept giving him chances and he told us that he recieved his answer when he heard the District Choir in the conference we had 3 months ago. I remember when Elder Maldonado made a promise before the conference that someone would be converted through our efforts. It was really a special experience. Andres has been listening for 4 months as well and is the Grandpa of Omar. His daughter was baptized 10 years ago and is now living in Oaxaca. At first Andres accepted everything but a month into the lessons we found out that he had a 40 year habit of drinking. We battled hard against this habit and eventually he gave it all up. He is now teaching the message of the Restauration to all of the people that he works with. In the days leading up to the baptism we found a few problems that we had. The first was that we couldnt find white pants big enough for Omar. We looked everywhere and there was nothing. Eventually Omar went and bought white fabric and Elder Mora and I sewed pants for him, with the help of a few sisters in the branch. But it has been a huge story this week and everyone is asking where we learned to sew and we all have to tell them that we learned back in Jr. High Home Economics class. This past week we were also able to have our Zone Conference with President Madsen. It was one of the most special conferences that we have had. We listed off all of the challenges that we have as missionaries on the white board and then he told us that in order to correct them and use them as opportunities we have to use our time that we have to learn from the Lord and teach with the Lord to other people. We each identified our greatest challenge and were challenged to turn it into an opportunity. It was an extremely spiritual week to find the lessons of the Lord in our studies. I know that he is working with us and for us in this work, and we were able to see that this week with Omar and Andres. Overal, this week was an answer to many prayers, fasts, and efforts to see the hand of the Lord in all things.

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