Saturday, June 25, 2016

Starting New and Finishing Off - June 20, 2016

Hey Everyone!! Well this week was a crazy week that was one of the gut checks that really makes you work to be a missionary. With all of the miracles that happened last week and all the happiness that we had and all of the success, it came time for us to buckle down and do find more ways to work and find success. With the baptism of Omar and Andres we realized that we had a lot of openings in our schedule each day but we didnt have péople to fill them with, and so all that we could do was go out and knock on doors for 2 or 3 hours each day. It was rough walking up and down the hills trying to find people to teach but each morning we found ways to really put our work in the hands of the Lord. I dont think that I have ever really prayed more fervently to have the Lord take over this work here and it was a great lesson every day to simply be guided by him in everything that we did. In each lesson it was with a new person that we didnt know and all we could do is listen to the promptings of the spirit to know how we could help that person. One of the greatest experiences that we had this week with one of the most powerful lessons that we have taught came with a lady named Marcella. She is 55 years old and has been through a ton of health problems. It eventually came to the point where the whole left side of her body became paralyzed and it has been hard for her to find a doctor here to help her. SHe started to lose hope until we got there. I dont remember what we said to her or what we did. At the end of the lesson we felt prompted to give her a priesthood blessing. She asked me to give it in that moment and normally it has been a challenge to give blessings in spanish. But this time it was something different, everything came out smoothly and what the Lord wanted her to be blessed with. All that I can remember about our experiences with her is that feeling of the sweet spirit of the Lord. It has been a conversion for me this week to be able to feel that as well in all of the other lessons that we taught. On Saturday Transfer calls came and I am going to be leaving for a mountain village called Nochixtlan as Zone Leader. I am excited for the experience that I will have there and for the opportunity to be able to find more people who I can meet and serve. I will be leaving at some time this week on a 13 hour bus ride to get there. But I wouldnt change anything about the experience that I have had in Huatulco, it has changed my life and my whole mission experience.
Eating an ant taco
The ants
The beach in Huatulco

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