Friday, July 15, 2016

True Happiness - July 11, 2016

Hey Everyone This week I experienced true happiness from this great gospel that we have on the earth this week. It came because I was able to find so many people to share it with that needed this gospel. These past few weeks have been hard to find investegators to teach. I got here with very few people listening to the lessons. It was hard to fill our schedule and so we had to go to work this week hard just knocking on a lot of doors. And even though it was a hard first half, the second half was nothing but miracles. The first experience that we had came when we were contacting the only hill in Nochixtlan. We knocked on a ton of houses and no one accepted us. A lot of them hid and we could see them ignoring us, others straight up told us to get out. Anyways we got a bit discouraged and we decided to head down the other side of the hill without finishing the street. When we were walking past the last house a teenage boy walked out, I had never felt the spirit more strongly to tell me to talk to him so I stopped and we talked for a bit. It turns out that him and his family of 8 had all been listening to the missionaries about a year ago, but those missionaries got changed and lost contact with this family. We stopped by and got to talk to all 8 of them!! It was the greatest to talk to a complete family about the gospel and see the joy that they could have from listening to it. I am attaching a picture of some of the kids with their animals :) The other experience is one that we had with another family in the same situation with the missionaries. Talked and lost contanct...anyways we were contacting and we asked a boy if he knew anyone we could talk to and he told us this family. We found the family and set an appointment with the teenage son because no one else wanted to listen to us. When we went back 2 days later the son wasnt home, so we left and came back 45 minutes later...and still not we left and went back a third time and we found his parents again. They accepted us and we talked to them and afterwards the Dad said, I didnt want to accept you but I needed God and you brought me to him. I want my whole family to hear this message. So we have an appointment with them this week and we are so excited. This week has been all miracles for an area that needed it and I am so grateful for this chance to be here!! I love the work and I love this happiness in it.
The family
Elder Smith my comp and Elder Shoemaker
Took a hike this morning

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