Monday, October 17, 2016

The Blessings of the True Church - October 8, 2016

Hey Everyone!!! Well Conference was awesome, it was just another reaffirmation that God really is still taking care of us and that he continues to speak directly to his Prophets today. Their messages brought peace and comfort to all who listened. Although the problems and challenges continue to increase in this world and as Satan continues to torment the children of God, the comforting fact that I know is true is that there is a man called and chosen by God on this earth today that had spoken with him to know what was needed to say so that we can continue to receive this protection, and I know that all of those who follow his guidance and put it into practice will receive the protection and divine comfort in their lives, no matter what happens in this world because that council came from our loving Heavenly Father. It has been an amazing week for us. Something that has really been brought out to us from a few meetings that we have had is the joy that comes through the gospel. The talk by President Nelson in the conference was an affirmation of this topic. What was even greater was the way that Heavenly Father put his path forward for our investigators to hear these divine messages. We were worried last week because we had not had the chance to teach any of our investigators, and we knew that they had to go to conference to recieve their answer. On Sunday we stopped by their houses and we had 8 people come to church, Eva and her family and a girl named Maddie with her family. It was so amazing and afterwards Maddie asked us where she could read the talks again because they impacted her so much. I could see the change that was wrought in the hearts of those that were able to listen to the words of the Prophet, and the spirit was so strong with these people afterwards and in this past week that we have been able to teach them. One thing that really helped us as well was all of the talks about the member missionary work. I know that the Lord really is hastening his work, and it is and always has been a work not just of 80,000 missionaries, but of 15 Million missionaries. I challenge you all to pray for opportunity to share the gospel with someone this week. And remember, something that President Madsen has always told us is that we should always share the gospel, and if it is necessary use words. I know that your own confirmation of these things will be reaffirmed as you try to share the gospel with those who need it. The gospel is a necessity for all and there are many who dont know where to look or where it can be found. Anyways for this week, it was our first completely normal week that we have had in the past 3 months where we havent had to worry about meetings or splits or anything. It was nice to just be able to go out and focus so much on the people. We are continuing trying to work with Eva and her family, they have had a lot of fear thinking about being baptized. It has once again shown us that we need to do all we can and the Lord will do the rest for us. And literally we have done all that we can. We left her with a Book of Mormon this week and committed her to read it. In my studies this week it has been amazing to see the promises that all the prophets have of the power that the Book of Mormon has in the lives of each person. Some may think that it is just a story, but it is a way in which we can recieve divine power and guidance in our lives, and when we recieve these things we are able to live in a never ending state of happiness. We are putting all of our faith in this sacred book to help Eva come to a conclusion of the truth of this church and its teachings. With my last story of the Book of Mormon for this week, with Maddie, we taught her the importance of the Book of Mormon this past week as well. When we pulled one out to give to her she told us that she had a copy. She went and got it and we asked where she got it. She said that she found it in a book store and she had bought it for 10 pesos (About 60 cents). She said that she had begun to read it when she was struggling in her life and wondering what her purpose was. She said her perspective changed and she didnt know that it was our church that had the book. It was how she recieved her conversion and it was amazing to see the way that the Lord worked to provide her with that Book. She is only 14 years old and had gotten to Jacob when we taught her. The Lord is continuing to prepare the way for us to work and see miracles and I know this work is true.
Hermana Oris coming with us to teach
Oaxaca Sunset

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