Monday, October 17, 2016

Week of Travels - October 1, 2016

Happy Conference Weekend Everyone!! Well this week was a really long week with all of our travels that we did. But before that we had an awesome Sunday. This week the whole chapel was filled up with people that had not come to church in a long time. The bishop was so excited that afterwards we got everyone together to take a picture and it was awesome to see the spirit so strong there with everyone that came to church. It was a little hard though because on Saturday night Eva and her family expressed a lot of doubts with us and told us that they were really struggling to know if this is what they needed to do because it would be such a huge change in them. It was sad to not see them at church but it was an opportunity to exersize our faith to know that the Lord would put the path before us to help her recieve this conversion that she needs. It was harder thinking that we wouldnt be able to do anything about it having to go and be outside of the area for the whole entire week. We knew that if we were able to serve the other missionaries with all of our heart then everything would work out and the Spirit would work miracles with her. Anyways we got to travel to Huatulco for a day and do divisions with them, that was an awesome experience to see the fruits of a little bit that we did while I was there. We traveled after that to do training meetings in a city called Salina Cruz, and afterwards we had our council meeting with all of the zone leaders in the Itsmo. It was an amazing experience to hear the same principles explained and it really affirmed to me the importance of helping everyone to know our importance of why we are there. It helped my faith a lot to recieve inspiration of what we need to do to help Eva and the rest of our investegators grow and be strengthened in the church. Afterwards we got to do divisions with Elder Madera, the old assistant. And in each lesson we had it was amazing to see the way that the Lord prepared the people to accept a baptism date. It was something that I learned in the meeting that we had. If we prepare and study and do all that we can, then the Lord will as well with the people we are going to teach. In each lesson we challenged people to baptism and we set dates with them of when they could be baptized. It was such an amazing experience. When we returned to our area we had the chance to meet with Eva last night. She still had the same doubts but the miracle that we saw was that she told us she wanted to go to conference and see if Thomas S. Monson really is a prophet. It was a huge miracle even though she is not sure, and we promised her with everything we know that she would recieve all the answers that she needed. I know that the Prophets and Apostles today are called of God, and that leading up to this conference they have had direct communication with Jesus Christ, to lead and guide us today. God still speaks to us, he has not abandoned us. Even though this world is in turmoil he still has his church who is being guided by his one and only perfect son, who has communicated to our prophet President Monson for this conference. I know that it is true and I know that answers will be recieved by all who listen and believe that it comes from God himself.
It rained and literally flooded the streets, here is our selfie of us getting soaked because we couldnt cross the street to get to our house!!
Eating dinner with Elder Madera and Elder Ibarra in Juchitan

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