Monday, December 26, 2016

Crazy Week of Changes - December 17, 2016

Hello Everyone! Well this week of changes was crazy, my last one being here in the offices and I guess it had to be the hardest one yet. It was so awesome because for the first time in a long time we got a huge group of American missionaries so I got to translate for all of them the whole time we were training them. It was fun to think back to the time where we got here just like that thinking that we all knew Spanish but then realizing that we didn't know anything. It was fun to be able to talk with them and see how excited they were to be here. While we were training them there were road blocks all throughout Oaxaca because someone didn't receive a bonus to their pay check. What a great way to protest right? The main highway that is the only way the missionaries can travel was blocked. They all had to walk a ways to get through the block to be able to get on another bus. So we were running all over trying to get everything figured out for who was going to pick up who and where and all of the details. On Tuesday we made sure all the new missionaries got to their new areas good and we were helping Sister Madsen prepare for all of the Christmas activities and programs that we are going to have. It was fun to be able to be with them all day Tuesday doing all the Christmas stuff and wrapping presents with them. Every time President would come by he would always laugh at us and say "you guys are such good little elves, why weren't you called to the North Pole Mission?" Thats just the way President is, really witty and always trying to crack jokes and be funny, it is fun to be with him and Sister Madsen. On Wednesday we sent a lot of missionaries home that had finished their missions. It was a lot sadder for me this time because a lot of them have been great friends and examples to me. It was also weird because it was my last time going to the airport to be able to say goodbye to them. They all seemed excited to go home to their families and they were crazy because a lot of them couldn't or wouldn't sleep for 2 nights because of their mixed feelings. You could say that they were really crazy days that we had and it was a miracle that we got everything done in time. On Thursday we got back to our area and when we got done with our personal studies there was a zone leader that sent us a message that was saying there were district leaders that were struggling and not doing their jobs in his district. So my companion and I decided to go do surprise splits with them to help them figure out how to work in their area. It was scary to them at first to have us show up at their house. I got to go with Elder Olsen from Arizona for the day, he has only been here for 6 weeks and is still learning Spanish but it was fun to be with him and see him giving a huge effort to be able to speak the language and help other people. He was so humble throughout the day and was so willing to learn. At the end of the day we were able to help both of them out so that they can start to progress in their area and be able to help this district out. So this week was probably the most stressful week of my mission. There were nights were we only slept about 4 hours because of everything that we had to do. We were running all over the place getting things ready for President and Sister Madsen. But it was a week that I experienced more of the strength coming from the Lord more than any other time. We never took a break, and we always experienced a stronger spirit in our teachings and with trying to minister to the missionaries here. Yesterday we had a training for the new zone leaders, and teaching them was one of the funnest experiences that I have had training. I felt so much of an urgency teaching them to get the mission moving again, with people doing and studying the right things. I felt more strength this week, in a week where there wasnt a lot of time to sit back, than I have at any other point of my mission. I feel like I got lost in the work this week and the Lord has blessed us even more for it. Today at 3 we have Pamari´s baptism, she has been waiting 7 months to be able to get baptized and she finally gets to do it today. We are so happy for her and she is just as happy too. I know that the Lord strengthens us when we are lost in his work serving people, especially during this time of year. I know that we will all have difficulties to go through at any time of the year, but the joy of Christmas always has and always will come through getting lost in the service of others, and we can all be a light unto the world. I hope that you all have a great Christmas week this week!! Feliz Navidad todos!! Con Amor, Elder Peterson
The Elder I trained, Elder Martinez, and now the Elder that he is training, Elder Siufuentes
Elder Olsen and I eating Tacos
They planted Poinsettias all around the Temple last week!! They are amazing!!

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