Monday, December 26, 2016

Sorry for the Short Letter - November 19, 2016

Hello Everyone! Sorry this letter is going to be short because this morning we had a few lessons that we had to go teach and we havent had a lot of time to do everything else that we needed. But everything else is going great. I just want to share a quick experience that I had this week. At the start of the week we were looking at what we had in our area to work with and planning for it. We have 4 investigators that are on the verge of baptism but havent been able to take that step. It has been a test of patience and faith. A few months ago President Madsen put goals for the mission that have been very hard to meet. But I told my companion that it was possible even with our limited amount of time that we have to work in our area. We put our faith forward that it would all be possible and the Lord provided a way to complete those goals but also to see small steps for these 4 Investigators. WE know that it will all work out, this is the Lords work, we are working to build his kingdom, not ours. He has blessed us and there are so many experiences that I could never begin to share them all. Madai finding the courage to talk to her mom and share her testimony of why she wants to be baptized, it was amazing. Angel preparing his uncle and helping him to be ready to baptize him. Jose, wanting to do everything he can now to get married and baptized. And Pamari who is finding her testimony and always asking when she can be baptized. They are the prepared of the Lord and people who have impacted my life. I love Oaxaca, I love this mission, and I love the people here.
My Favorite Kids in the Area
Divisions with Elder Ringle we found Dominoes Pizza
I dont know where this picture came from but here is Elder Caballero and I

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