Monday, February 8, 2016

It's February! February 1, 2016

Hello Everyone! Well this week was a great week once again and I dont think that you can really have bad weeks in the mission as long as you are always serving the Lord. Honestly there will be the problems and difficulties but there is always the next day to find the miracles and thats one thing that I love about the mission. Anyways so this week we started out normal in all of our planning and trying to figure out how to finish out these last two weeks of the change strong. It honestly feels like the last week of the term in what we are doing. We were able to start our lessons with Evelyn, Eunice, and Moises, 3 people that were the miracles of the work. Eunice and Evelyn are part of a family that we reactivated. On Christmas Eve their Dad got in a motorcycle accident and died. The Family was devestated by it and we have just barely had the chance to begin to teach them but with plans to baptize them in 2 weeks. Moises is the teenager that moved back into the ward. He was selling pie and tamales this week to pay to go to the temple, in which he couldnt go inside. While everyone was there doing the work he sat outside and read the Book of Mormon. We are so excited to continue to help him. This week we also got to have the opportunity to have a Multi Zone conference. Elder CastaƱeda of the 70 came to our area to speak to us and it was awesome. He told us how we can recognize the spirit more and helped us practice recognizing the spirit, something that I had never really seen before for a practice but it helped us so much in how we can bring the spirit into our lessons. Afterwards we had the opportunity to talk to him a little bit and he told my companion that he was going to have 10 converts in 7 months. It has inspired Elder Martinez to work harder in all of this. Sunday we had another miracle day in which we were able to have 10 investegators in church. The ward was so excited to have such a big youth group participating and we have had all of the young men asking if they can start preparing for missions by visiting with us. It has been an awesome week in which I will be very sad to leave the area but something that I will never forget because I found a greater part of my testimony here through everyone that I have come in contact with. Thank you all for your love and support and I hope that you can all survive the snow up there! Elder Peterson
My new companion Diego who is going to get baptized this Saturday!
A walnut pie. I was telling a family about how I love Pecan Pie but I said the wrong name for pecan and they figured it was walnut so they made a walnut pie for me. It was still really good!

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