Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 31, 2015 - Hola from La Tierra de Milagros y Gozo

Hello there!! I made it to Oaxaca and it is so beautiful here!! The city is in the middle of the mountains and it looks like the Mountains around Kanosh and the valleys around it! I love it here! We got picked up this morning by our president and had breakfast at his house, French Toast and Sausage. Then we walked to the Mission offices past the temple and everything and we have been in orientation meetings all day. I am so excited to get out here. The city is about the size of Provo...maybe a little smaller. It is green and it was 70 degress all day here. The APs showed us lots of pictures of the state and told us about the people. I just got assigned my Zone and companion. I havent met my comp though because he is a 7 hour bus ride away from me tomorrow morning. I am serving in the area of Juchitan, it is in the South West corner of the state if you want to go look at it. Everyone says that it never gets below 85 there in temperature and humidity and that I am going to sweat off a ton of weight. Anyways I was just supposed to email you to tell you that I am okay and I will be emailing you next monday or possibly more later tonight. I love you so much! Love Chad

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