Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 1, 2015 - Letter to Mom

Hey Mom, Well I finally made it to my area and it is amazing down here! Just ask to read Dads email about the scenery because I am running out of time and we have contacts to go make tonight. Sorry!! Anyways we live in an upstairs apartment in the middle of the city of Juchitan. It is a city about the size of Provo, Spanish Fork, I don´t know I haven´t gaged how big it is yet. It is hot down here, I am sweating like crazy!! Super Humid and super hot! Lots of the people wear their traditional clothing around on the streets, they look like the dancers you see in the church museam. Well actually it is mostly just the women that do it but I did see a few guys in the mariachi pants today. I want you and Dad to come down when I am done and see everything down here. I am not in the tourist area. The pyramids are by Oaxaca City and all the tourists go to the beach at Puerto Angel for the most part. It takes forever to drive around the state because there are so many mountains here and the roads are windy and curvy, they are actually probably worse than those ones in Montana! And we did it in a bus and the bus driver never slowed down to take any of those curves. We ride around in those little motocabs that you see on the Amazing Race, the 3 wheel motorcycle things with canvas over the top, they are fun to ride in!! We had Dominos pizza for Dinner last night, they had a member come cook lunch, it was chicken, rice, and beans and it was so good!! I am used to the spicy now and I really actually love spicy foods surprisingly! We had French Toast that Sister Madsen cooked for us yesterday. Everything is amazing down here and I love it!! It is safe, and beautiful and there is nothing to worry about! I love you Love Chad

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