Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 28, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad, I dont have much time because we have somehow let our work slide into our P Days now too and I only have enough time to write you guys this week. My area is Tecnologico, it is by the the College of Technology I dont know what the actual name of it is. But everything on the other side of the Carratera the highway next to it, is our area. Anyways this week has been great! It was hard because my companion started to get really discouraged and it seemed like I turned into the Senior Companion, I had to start making all the decisions about who to teach and where to go because he was just discouraged. I dont understand why really...there were lessons that were falling through but it wasnt that big of a trial for me. David is for sure getting baptized on October 17 and we are super excited about that! Floricelli and Thomas are getting ready to have definitave dates which is great as well. We had 6 investegators in Church yesterday and we had 4 less active members as well. We found a street gang, they arent really a gang but they dont have the greatest home life. Floricelli is in it and it is just a group of friends. Anyways we are now teaching the whole group and some of them are really close to having baptism dates as well. We had a zone wide soccer game today that was really fun and we also got to walk around the downtown central area. It is like a Big Flea Market that was awesome. I didnt have time to buy anything like my hammock still. It sounds like everything is going great at home and I love seeing all the pictures of everything that is going on. The work is so great down here and I am happy and loving it. It couldnt be better and it is weird to think I have a week left of my first transfer! Time has flown!! Thanks for all of the support!! I love you!! Chad

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